The Discover Hope Channel was born from the need to bring hope to this world lost during economic crises, natural catastrophes, wars, and hunger. There has never been a time when humanity needs hope more than now.
Our mission for this channel is the motto Learn, love, Live.

Because we want people to learn through the Bible, from the word of God, the real path to hope. May they know love, capable of truly loving their neighbors as themselves. And really start living with the feet on the ground and eyes on the sky. 

Live with physical, mental, and spiritual health. A humanity focused on the future. In a future full of hope. 

Hope in the return of Jesus, in salvation and eternal life.

On the YouTube Channel, we will hold evangelistic seminars, biblical studies on various topics, including prophetic ones, we will deal with health issues, and we will give many other guidelines related to the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects.

Join us, follow our schedule, like and share our themes, send messages, ask questions, and have fun with us as we Discover Hope!

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